As an avid watcher of American YouTube hunting shows there’s always that bit if kit you see that is not available here in NZ, one such product was the Crispi Summit boot. I have been seeing this boot shine in the backcountry Elk hunt shows and it interested me.

I have been using a solid leather boot for years which suited a lot of the high-country and Fiordland hunts but felt they were too heavy and an overkill in the North Island bush I hunt.

I had a chat with the local importers Footwear and Apparel rep about the chance of them bringing me in a pair then forgot all about it.
Then came the call they were looking at the possibility of adding it to their already great line-up of the Italian Crispi range and would I like to test a pair out to see if they fit NZ hunting conditions , yes I would .

Crispi has been making boots for over 40 years and their Nevada boot is a solid boot but I wanted something lighter , the Summit is almost half a pound lighter been made of suede and Cordura, it still has the Gore-Tex lining keeping your foot dry and a solid Vibram sole with excellent grip . Normally a lot of American influenced design comes with a cost of being to narrow in the toe box for kiwis but the summit seems to miss out on this and from the first time I put them on it was more like wearing runners than a solid hunting boot , the fit was good right out of the box and they were lite.

Since getting them I’ve run them as my main boots due to the weight and flex compared to my old leather units and have been stoked with their performance , They have performed flawlessly giving great support and traction in varied terrain from river beds to mountain tops and everything in between . Walking a lot of the swollen streams my feet kept dry also thanks to the longer Hunters Element gaiters but one thing that did surprise me was that they dried real quick , sitting in the hut the outers dried overnight something that my leather boots never did. I must admit I have been a bit slack on the maintenance compared to my old boots that required waxing after every trip to keep the leather supple and waterproof , only giving the Summits a quick wash after a trip and a spray of silicone every now and then , So far they have shown zero degrading of the finish and still look as good as new.

I’m pretty convinced now I have the perfect bush stalking boot for me and am glad to see they are now parts of the Crispi NZ line up as I think they will suit so many people wanting something lighter without compromise.