I have clocked up close to 1000km in them in a huge variety of landscapes. I think they would have to be close to the perfect all-round kiwi hunting boot. I had no trouble carrying a 30kg pack in them off trail in The Raukumara ranges. Ideal for bush stalking in. Brilliant for glassing in when there is a hard frost. The insulation was fantastic. They are tough enough to handle sharp rocks and scree. Nil break in period. Brilliant last. Nice and wide and an excellent shaped toe box.

The down sides.

Like all leather boots. If they are wet for days on end like on an expedition trip, they get heavy. In the heat of summer, they are just too hot.

For the likes of the South Island high country and Fiordland I think they need to be just a bit stiffer in the sole ( they are not alpine boots even though I tried to make them one for a couple of days😁)

I think for expedition trips in the southern mountains a slightly stiffer shank would be beneficial. Less leather, more synthetics (lighter and quicker drying). The boot shape is perfect. Would not change a thing. Vibrant sole insulation and GTX was spot on.

But as an all-rounder for the average kiwi hunter in autumn, winter, and spring I wouldn’t change a thing.