I have recently returned from a week-long trip hunting around the South Island covering well over 100km on foot. I was wearing my new Dakota GTX boots and was initially worried I had not ‘broken them in’ having only worn them the week before on a quick walk up the hill. The boots felt great from day one and at no stage during the week did I feel any discomfort or have any blisters develop. The first couple of days were high in the tops of the Cadrona Valley where the temperature got well below zero and my feet never felt cold like I had experienced with previous boots.

I would definitely recommend the Dakota GTX as an all-round hunting boot, the terrain we were in ranged from rugged rock hopping to tussock tops and the comfort and ankle support was exceptional. The boots dried quickly during the day, after the early frosts, and being such light weight made it easy to cover the km’s when fatigued.

I am already looking forward to getting them back on for the next trip.

Cheers, Justin Ives