I really enjoy my Crispi Dakota boots and I actually look forward to being able to wear them!
I have a history with calf & Achilles issues – so when we are on the hill support & comfort is very important to me.
I am notoriously difficult when it comes to buying the right running or trail shoe with fit so when the opportunity arose to go down to the South Island to hunt Thar I was quite concerned about my footwear & what was going to happen with my feet & legs – especially with the terrain I know I was going to face.
From the moment I put in my Crispi boots I have loved them.
The fit for me is awesome (I have a wide but small foot) support (ankles & heel lacing lock)
We did 2 short 1hr hikes up Te Mata peak in preparation for my Thar hunt – so no time to break the boots in before we set off.
Surprisingly enough I had no issues at all – not even one blister – which is a testament to your boot as I always have trouble with blisters & rubs.