Break in time

Within the week they were very comfortable from the get go, I did not get any blisters from them. Personally I was slightly hesitant on them to start with as they don’t look as robust as what I would usually go for. I more prefer a very rugged mountain boot. However, they have stepped up to the task beautifully! I am very impressed with the ankle support, they have put a lot of thought into this technology that CRISPI® have developed for these boots.

Wearing them on a regular basis-I absolutely love them, I wear them 7 days a week. My girlfriend is even adamant that I don’t own any other shoes as that’s all I am ever in.

How do they perform?

They perform very well, the edges on the tread hold very well in the various terrains I spend my time in hunting and or working. The fold out crampons are a great idea especially in big south Canterbury country in the middle of winter. They have saved my backside Tahr hunting several times!

Kadin Willis – High Country Contracting August 2016