After talking to Jeremy regarding a boot to match my hunting style, I settled on the Crispi Nevada Legend. I had a weekend hunt planned a few days after colleting the boot so wasted no time lacing them up and using them for a few days on the farm to wear them in. Straight away the boot was the most comfortable boot I have tried out of the box and felt like it had support in all the right places. I spent the next two days at work fencing a steep hill side with long dry grass. I’ve found long dry grass one of the most slippery places to walk but these boots have no issues keeping me on the hill.Work finished Friday night and saw me donning my pack long after dark and lacing up the Crispis for 4hrs of heavy tramping with a pack to get to my camp. Not long into the walk I could feel the boots already were more comfortable than my previous boots and held my ankle more supportively. The last hour of my walk is a very steep down hill to where I had planned to camp. The hill is mix of rocks and shale with sections of clay pan and finally dirt and leaf matter down the bottom. The Crispis carried my pack and I down the hill with out skidding once. There was no rubbing or blisters. The more I wear these boots the more comfortable they become. Once camp was set up and boots were off, I was impressed at how little foot fatigue I had.

Next day started with a thigh deep river crossing with big boulders. The hardest part was the temp of the water. The boots found their way through the rocks and held me up in the strong current with ease. From here we climbed the ridge and started stalking my way into the wind. This is where I was really impressed with the Crispis. While being a supportive solid hiking boot, I found the Crispis fantastic to stalk in. They felt like a pair of light soft stalking boots but with all the strength and support of a quality hiking boot. I had no issues quietly sneeking my way through the Beech forest. After spooking a few animals, I finally came across a young Sika spiker asleep in the sun 5m away. A quick shot secured some meat and I boned the animal out on the spot and returned to camp. The walk back to camp I didn’t even notice the boots. They did everything they should I didn’t slip or slide once.

Next morning, I laced up my boots and noticed my feet still felt fresh with no sore pressure spots that I’ve often had with other boots. The walk out with the heavy pack was a breeze with the boot giving me the right amount of support and right amount of flexibility to keep me comfortable and secure in every situation I encountered.

I walk a lot of miles with a pack over most parts of the Kawekas and Ruahines and would say the Crispi Nevada Legend is the ultimate boot for what I do.