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Select from the list of reviews below to see how the CRISPI® brand is changing the scope of Kiwi Hunting.

Valdres GTX Review – Jeremy Hanaray

CRISPI® boots have been manufactured in Italy for more than 40 years and this exciting range of hunting/ outdoor boots has just hit the New Zealand market. CRISPI® started out small, like many companies — handcrafting their boots in a small factory located in Veneto at the foot hills [...]

Nevada Legend – Jared K

I wanted to touch base to thank you for the CRISPI® boots earlier this year. These boots are just amazing and I can’t rate them enough. I’ve put them through their paces and taken them into some pretty brutal terrain and they handle it with ease. My [...]

Valdres GTX Follow-up Review – Jeremy Hanary

IT’S BEEN MORE THAN 18 MONTHS SINCE CRISPI® BOOTS FIRST BURST ONTO THE SCENE here in New Zealand, and I was fortunate enough to be given the very first pair to review; the model we chose from the CRISPI® boot range that suited my needs is called the Valdrez. [...]

CRISPI Super Granite GTX Review – Kadin Willis

Break in time Within the week they were very comfortable from the get go, I did not get any blisters from them. Personally I was slightly hesitant on them to start with as they don't look as robust as what I would usually go for. I more prefer a [...]

Nevada Legend Review – Caleb Vanwagner

Each person prefers a certain fit of boot, often specific to the task of the regional terrain’s exposure and temperature range. With that said, I’ve run the gamut of boots, often going through one pair of high-end boots per season. Tired of having to frequently replace boots, I set out [...]