Titan GTX®

Titan GTX® Review – Comrie Keenan

As a proud owner of these boots, I can’t talk enough positives about them, they are just fit for purpose.  Whether I am actively hunting or sedentary hunting, they are my choice.  Whatever your motivations are for hunting, when you remove yourself from the comforts of home to venture out into the not so comfortable [...]

Titan GTX® Review – Comrie Keenan2020-11-25T22:51:45+00:00

CRISPI Titan GTX Review

When I met up with the team from CRISPI, I explained my story when it came to boots. I had grown up in bare feet and bullers. The springiness, agility and flexibility of the little ankle high NZ bush gumboot is something many of us treasure and hold in our minds wrapped up in a [...]

CRISPI Titan GTX Review2020-11-25T22:33:58+00:00
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