Dakota GTX®

Dakota GTX® Review – Janine Hanaray

I really enjoy my Crispi Dakota boots and I actually look forward to being able to wear them! I have a history with calf & Achilles issues - so when we are on the hill support & comfort is very important to me. I am notoriously difficult when it comes to buying the right [...]

Dakota GTX® Review – Janine Hanaray2020-11-25T23:05:31+00:00

Dakota GTX® Review – Justin Ives

I have recently returned from a week-long trip hunting around the South Island covering well over 100km on foot. I was wearing my new Dakota GTX boots and was initially worried I had not 'broken them in' having only worn them the week before on a quick walk up the hill. The boots felt great from [...]

Dakota GTX® Review – Justin Ives2020-11-25T22:36:16+00:00

Crispi Dakota Boots Review – Stan L

I love my Crispi Dakota boots. Recently I used them on an open tops hunting adventure in the Tararua's which required a boot that would give me confidence as I walked razor back ridges and steep rocky terrain. The Dakota gave me all of the above of whats required for this kind of [...]

Crispi Dakota Boots Review – Stan L2020-09-02T22:42:39+00:00
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