Valdres GTX Review – Zoe-Beth Brake

The Valdres GTX boot has been faultless. As soon you put the boots on you feel like you’re ready to go with no "breaking in" needed. Although they are super lightweight for a hunting boot, they have amazing support and structure which has made walking in the bush, rivers etc. super easy! With [...]

Valdres GTX Review – Zoe-Beth Brake2021-05-20T01:31:49+00:00

Dakota GTX® Review – Janine Hanaray

I really enjoy my Crispi Dakota boots and I actually look forward to being able to wear them! I have a history with calf & Achilles issues - so when we are on the hill support & comfort is very important to me. I am notoriously difficult when it comes to buying the right [...]

Dakota GTX® Review – Janine Hanaray2020-11-25T23:05:31+00:00

Titan GTX® Review – Comrie Keenan

As a proud owner of these boots, I can’t talk enough positives about them, they are just fit for purpose.  Whether I am actively hunting or sedentary hunting, they are my choice.  Whatever your motivations are for hunting, when you remove yourself from the comforts of home to venture out into the not so comfortable [...]

Titan GTX® Review – Comrie Keenan2020-11-25T22:51:45+00:00

Nevada Legend GTX® Review – Tim

I have clocked up close to 1000km in them in a huge variety of landscapes. I think they would have to be close to the perfect all-round kiwi hunting boot. I had no trouble carrying a 30kg pack in them off trail in The Raukumara ranges. Ideal for bush stalking in. Brilliant for glassing in [...]

Nevada Legend GTX® Review – Tim2020-11-25T22:50:46+00:00

Summit GTX® Review – Jason Searle

As an avid watcher of American YouTube hunting shows there’s always that bit if kit you see that is not available here in NZ, one such product was the Crispi Summit boot. I have been seeing this boot shine in the backcountry Elk hunt shows and it interested me. I have been using a solid [...]

Summit GTX® Review – Jason Searle2020-11-25T22:48:20+00:00

Dakota GTX® Review – Justin Ives

I have recently returned from a week-long trip hunting around the South Island covering well over 100km on foot. I was wearing my new Dakota GTX boots and was initially worried I had not 'broken them in' having only worn them the week before on a quick walk up the hill. The boots felt great from [...]

Dakota GTX® Review – Justin Ives2020-11-25T22:36:16+00:00

CRISPI Titan GTX Review

When I met up with the team from CRISPI, I explained my story when it came to boots. I had grown up in bare feet and bullers. The springiness, agility and flexibility of the little ankle high NZ bush gumboot is something many of us treasure and hold in our minds wrapped up in a [...]

CRISPI Titan GTX Review2020-11-25T22:33:58+00:00

Crispi Nevada Legend Review – James

After talking to Jeremy regarding a boot to match my hunting style, I settled on the Crispi Nevada Legend. I had a weekend hunt planned a few days after colleting the boot so wasted no time lacing them up and using them for a few days on the farm to wear them [...]

Crispi Nevada Legend Review – James2020-09-02T22:36:48+00:00

Crispi Forestry Safety Boots Review – Ed Saathof

It’s been 2 years now and I wear the boots weekly when I am out in the forest. In the forestry management application, i.e. needing to wear safety boots but not using a chainsaw, they are my footwear of choice. The boots offer very good support, particularly when I am walking around [...]

Crispi Forestry Safety Boots Review – Ed Saathof2019-06-18T22:11:34+00:00

Crispi Hunter GTX Review – Hamish

"The comfort, support, and range of motion of the Hunter allows me to go exactly where I want" I wanted my pair of Crispi Hunter GTXs to address a problem I’ve had for as long as I can remember: a struggle to find comfortable boots that perform well under a wide variety of conditions. [...]

Crispi Hunter GTX Review – Hamish2020-09-02T22:42:26+00:00
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